J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. 






Dr. Rotchford's approaches are "cutting edge" 
for addressing problematic opioid use in high-risk patients.
Alex Cahana, MD, Professor & Chief, Div. of Pain Medicine, 
University of Washington Medical Center

Expert on Opioid Use, Abuse, and Solutions

J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. is a practicing physician, an expert on Substance Use Disorders, who treats patients suffering from opioid use disorders as well as complex chronic pain at his clinic in Washington State.

His focus is on solutions – evidence-based approaches, comprehensive clinical interventions, and, most importantly, a robust Public Health involvement. He searches out deficiencies in our current system but he takes a "no blame" approach.  

Dr. Rotchford is a leader in educating audiences on the most effective ways to combat, what he calls, the "Opidemic," the opioid epidemic ravaging not just American communities, but communities around the world.  

He presents his expertise to physicians, health care workers, first responders, teachers, union members, and school administrators. Other beneficiaries of Dr. Rotchford's experience and knowledge are law enforcement officers, court personnel, and prison administrators. He advises those who confront the effects of opioid abuse in cities counties, states, who are charged with protecting the public health of their communities. Anyone who confronts the effects of the opioid epidemic will be grateful to be exposed to this physician's enlightening perspectives on solutions, which can be implemented with a practical plan of attack.
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Speaker Topics

Dr. Rotchford's Presentation Topics

1. Substance Use Disorder (SUD) as a Brain Disease: Opioids, Alcohol, Tobacco

2. Why the Opioid Epidemic? Solutions for Individual Patients and for Society

3. Medical Cannabis: Risks and Benefits

4. Out Sourcing Pain Management from Physicians to Specialists: Risks and Benefits 

5. Role of Creativity, Constructs, Compassion and Abductive Reasoning in Medicine


J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D., M.P.H.

2014    Recertified as a Diplomat of the American Society of Addiction Medicine  (Specialist in Addiction Medicine)
2013    Medical Laboratory Director certified by the State of Washington
2010    President, Washington Society of Addiction Medicine 2009 - 2010
2010    President, Jefferson County Medical Society 2009 - 2010
2010    Founding Member, International Association of Pain & Chemical Dependency 
2009    Diplomat, Board of American Society of Addictive Medicine
2008    Medical Review Officer Certification
2004    Certified in Addiction Medicine
2002    Fellow, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
2002    Fellow, American Academy of Integrative Medicine
2001    Board Certified in Medical Acupuncture
1992    Board Certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine
1992    Fellow, American College of Preventive Medicine
1990    Masters of Public Health, Preventive Medicine Residency, UW School of Public Health
1986    Aviation Medical Examiner, Certificate of Designation
1984    Acupuncture for Physicians, UCLA School of Medicine, Joseph Helms, M.D. Instructor
1980    Doctor of Medicine, University of Washington
1976    Completed two years of medical school at the University of Nantes, Nantes, France
1973    Bachelor of Arts, French Literature, University of Washington
1969    William Winlock Miller High School, Olympia, WA


American Academy of Pain Management
American Academy of Pain Medicine
American Academy of Medical Acupuncture – Founding Member & Fellow
American College of Preventive Medicine - Fellow 
American Society of Addictive Medicine - Diplomat Board of Addiction Medicine 2009
International Association of Pain & Chemical Dependency – Founding Member
Jefferson County Medical Society- President 2009-2010
Washington Society of Addiction Medicine –President 2009-
Washington State Medical Association -  Prior Delegate


2013 - Laboratory Director of COLA certified high complex laboratory – Olympas Medical     Services.
2005 -    Medical Director, Olympas Pain & Addiction Services (OPAS), Port Townsend, WA
1993 -  Founder and Medical Director, Jefferson County Medical Advisory Services HQ
             JC MASH, non-profit, UGN supported free medical clinic
2007 - 2010 Medical Director, Highland Court, chemical dependency facility, Port Angeles, WA
1994 - 2005  Medical Acupuncture, Pain Management, Integrative Medicine, Port Townsend, WA (Private Practice)
2004 - 2010 President, Best of Both Worlds Foundation
2003 - 2004   Instructor: Peninsula Junior College: Pain Management Course
2000 - 2005    Editor of Acubriefs.com e-mail newsletter of annotated acupuncture references
1999 - 2002  President, Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation, AAMA
1998 - 1999   Council Representative, WA Chapter of American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
1998 - 2000    Founding President, WA Chapter of American Academy of Medical Acupuncture
1995 - 1999    Treasurer, Medical Acupuncture Research Foundation
1985 - 1995   Physician and Medical Director for Ocean Shores Clinic
1984 - 1985   Physician and Medical Director for the Chehalis Indian Medical Clinic
1984 - 1993   Host of "Doctor, Doctor" local TV Program on preventive medicine
1983 - 1985   Investigator, Puget Sound Medical Investigators, Olympia, WA
1983 - 1985   General Practice, Solo, Ocean Shores, WA
1983 - 2010 Medical Director, Innersight Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
1982 - 1985   Health Officer, Grays Harbor County
1981 - 1982   General Practice, North Beach Health Care Inc., Copalis Beach, WA  
1980 - 1981   Mixed Internship, Montreal General Hospital, McGill University affiliated hospital


2015 Guest Lecturer, St. Charles University, Prague CZ - Failure to Diagnose Opioid Addiction in Pain patients
2013   Guest Instructor,  Bastyr University,  Kirkland WA.
2009    WSMA Annual Meeting, Spokane, WA - Chronic Pain and Problematic Opioid Use
2008    Speaker/Presenter Regional Chemical Dependency Professionals, Silverdale, WA
2007    Faculty American Academy of Pain Management Annual Meeting - Las Vegas, September 
                Viable Clinical Model for Treating Patients with Chronic Pain & Addiction
2006    Guest Speaker: National Association Detoxification Acupuncture - Liverpool, UK 
2006    Instructor: Michigan State Acupuncture Society - French Energetics Weekend - June 3-4
2006    Instructor: Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine – Acupuncture Research 
2005    Faculty AAMA Annual Meeting Atlanta, April 2005, Advanced course French Energetics
2004    Faculty Washington Chapter of ASAM, 6th Annual Fundamentals of Addiction Medicine
2003    Faculty Oregon Chapter of the AAMA annual meeting CME: Acupuncture Research
2002    Faculty SAR symposium: Seattle, Oct 2002, Modern Definition for Acupuncture
2001    Faculty for AAMA annual symposium: New Orleans, March 22-25, 2001
2000    Faculty for AAMA annual symposium: MARF 2000 and ahead.  Orlando, April 30th
2000    Faculty for Mussat Medical Acupuncture Conference, March 2000 Seattle
1999    Northwest Hospital, Seattle, CME on Alternative Medicine, Adverse Events and Acupuncture
1999    Faculty for AAMA annual symposium Chicago. Attributable Risk and Acupuncture Events
1997    Faculty for AAMA annual symposium San Francisco. Acupuncture Research


2009 Jefferson County Heart of Service Award sponsored by the Rotary Club of Port Townsend, Noon Rotary, East Jefferson County    Rotary and Peninsula Daily News in recognition of outstanding and inspirational public service

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Rotchford, JK,  Failure to Diagnose Opioid Dependence in Patients on Chronic Opioid Therapy (COT) for Pain.  Manuscript presented Fall 2013  AAAP Annual Meeting.

Rotchford, JK,  An Informal Review of Opioid Dependence (Addiction) Associated with Chronic OpioidAnalgesic Therapy (COAT) for Chronic Pain. (Title page only in Czeck) Journal ADIKTOLOGIE 15(3) 2015.

Rotchford, JK , Regulators would benefit from oversight - A letter to the editor published in the Port Townsend Leader, January 26, 2016. please follow link for details.

Writings in Progress, not yet published, & some rough drafts

1.  The Allure of Normalcy  A comment or two on the downsides of our cultural fixation on "normalcy"

2.  Number Nine -  A discussion of the tragedies associates with untreated or under-treated opioid use disorders.

3. Substance Abuse & Misuse are PUBLIC ENEMY #1 -  A Public Health perspective is needed

4. A Time for a New Definition of Health? This reviews the importance of homeostasis in determining sustainable life and perhaps allows for a "new" definition of health.

5.  Rant on the Golden Lady -  Expression of feelings regarding how I see some patients treated.

6. The Dozen Red Roses  A commentary on the Physician-Patient relationship

7.  Clinical Challenges in the practice of Pain Medicine and Addiction  - Submitted for publication in 2008?

8.  Is the Prescription for Disaster a Disaster?  A short rebuff to an article in the New Yorker about the Prescription Opiate abuse epidemic.   

9. Loving one's patient  A brief discussion of the emotion we call love and its potential in healing.

10.  Grief and Grieving  A brief review of cultural elements important to appreciate.

11.  Self Medicating -  A perspective on the use of medications in pain management and addiction medicine. 2016

12.  Anxiety - A discussion -  A very brief review of the role of diagnoses, scientific methodology,  and cultural factors that influence our therapeutic options. 2016


J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D.


“compassionate . . . knowledgeable . . . generous . . . helpful . . . caring . . . respectful . . . kind and helpful . . . merciful . . . non judgemental . . . professional . . . pain specialist . . . physicians like Dr. Rotchford are becoming more and more rare.“
“very committed to his patients’ well being . . . devoted his life to helping people . . . trying to help alot of people . . . carefully monitored my medication . . . greatly alleviated the pain. . . rare ability to combine the best of his training in western and eastern medicine to best help his patients.“
“helps the outcast . . . works with the most difficult population . . . treats the people the world rejects, the addicted . . . takes care of the chronic narcotic dependent and chronic pain patient.”
“has helped many folks with little or no compensation . . . gave his time for free to people who have no money for insurance . . . donates his medical expertise to the poor at JC MASH free clinic.“
“I do not know what I would have done without him”
“thank you so much for helping the people who cry out for help and no one else will hear them but you.”
“thank you and bless you, Dr. Rotchford”
Dr. Rotchford was one of five recipients of the 2009 Jefferson County Heart of Service Award, sponsored by Rotary Club of Port Townsend, Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary Club, East Jefferson Rotary Club and Peninsula Daily News, 
Dr. James Kimber Rotchford M.D.

according to his patients:
“. . . compassionate, knowledgeable, generous”
I want to add my voice to the people who know Dr. Rotchford and know what a huge service he does for this community. I am a former patient of his and I don't know how to begin to express my gratitude for the help he gave me. I could fill a whole page giving examples of how special a doctor and special a human being he is. Compassionateknowledgeablegenerous with his time, and with a rare ability to combine the best of his training in western and eastern medicine to best help his patients. He has tried to find a way, in this rural community, to serve the chronically ill and to help those with addictions, and to not go broke helping this under-served and usually under-insured (if insured at all) population. Thank you, and bless you, Dr. Rotchford.
Karen, former patient, The Leader, comment: 12-23-10

“. . . becoming more and more rare ”
As a patient who has a very serious situation that requires a surgery that starts at $40,000 (and which would have to pay out that amount just to get STARTED) the only thing that helps at all is pain medication. So what happens to people like me who only have medications to keep us going? What do we do? Should we endure such agony because we have no insurance? Physicians like Dr. Rotchford are becoming more and more rare
JD Wilde, patient, The Leader, comment posted: 12-25-10

“. . . I felt that he did care”
I have had cancer for over five years and have been with Dr Rotchford for at least three years or better. There are other pain clinics and Doctors that will treat my issues, but none that have the wide range of other problems that have been helped by his dedication to try and find out why and what to do with the pain. I felt that he did care and tried other therapies that other Doctors would not even try due to time restraints, or whatever their reasons.
David LeRoy, patient, Peninsula Daily News, comment: 12-22-10

“. . . I do hope that one day I can go back to see him again”
I was a patient of Doctor Rotchford at one time, I left when I couldn't afford to go anymore. I do have the hope that one day I can go back to see him again, because my regular Doctor doesn't understand my pain as well as Dr. Rotchford did and does.
Insain, The Leader, former patient, comment posted: 12-23-10

“. . . I do not know what I would have done without him”
What most forget is that he is a pain specialist. He successfully treated me when I was in extreme, disabling pain from a severely deteriorated hip. I could not have surgery for almost a year. My family practitioners prescribed a pain medication that made me sicker than I'd been in all my life. They were not only unhelpful, they ridiculed me and acted as though I was senile. When I finally found Dr. Rotchford, he treated me with respect, prescribed and carefully monitored my medication use and reaction, and greatly alleviated the pain until I was able to have total hip replacement surgery. I do not know what I would have done without him.
Marilyn Muller, patient, Peninsula Daily News, comment: 12-22-10
Dr. James Kimber Rotchford M.D.

committed to his patients:

“. . . very committed to his patients’ well being”
We have known Dr. Rotchford for 15+ years. Dr. Rotchford seemed very committed to his patients’ well-being. He has helped many folks for little or no compensation.
Allen Frank, The Leader, comment: 12-23-10

“. . . does care about his patients
I do believe that Kimber Rotchford does care about his patients. I also believe that he believes he has always had the patients’ best interest at heart.
Kimberly Vasenda, The Leader, comment: 12-22-10

“. . . devoted his life to helping people”
Kim Rotchford, MD, works with the most difficult population in our community. He has a lot of patience for his patients. He has devoted his life to helping people. I stand behind him and I’ll get out in front for him.
Gary Novak, The Leader, comment: 12-22-10

“. . . thank you so much for helping the people who cry out for help”
I have known Dr. Rotchford for 2 years now. He is my role model...he truly cares about his patients and his employees..he has done nothing wrong but help the outcast in our community that no other doctor is willing to help..the addiction patients...Just wanted to tell Dr. Rotchford thank you so much for helping the people who cry out for help and no one else will hear them but you...Sincerely,
Jean Tidwell, The Leader, comment: 12-22-10

“. . . all the things Dr. Rotchford has done for this community”
We need to support Dr. Rotchford and we need to support other doctors to step up to the plate and to gain the confidence to do all the things that Dr. Rotchford has done for this community
Crystal Lothamer, The Leader, Comment posted: 12-28-10

What people say about Dr. Rotchford’s OPAS Pain and Addiction Clinic

“. . . does a job that no one else has the interest and skill to do”
Dr. Rotchford does a job that no one else has the interest and skill to do in this community, which is to take care of the chronic narcotic dependent and chronic pain patient.
J Szereny, Peninsula Daily News, comment: 12-22-10

“. . . is trying to help alot of people”
Rotchford is a doctor who has been and is trying to help alot of people who need that help, because other doctors won’t, because of fear.
wyatt earp, Peninsula Daily News, comment: 12-22-10

“. . . has the mercy”
Dr. Rotchford has the mercy to treat pain patients as patients, and not treat them as though they were less human.
evoc, Peninsula Daily News, comment: 12-22-10

What people say about Dr. Rotchford’s JC MASH Free Clinic

“. . . his MASH clinic is amazing and very rare”
I have known Dr. Rotchford as a kind and helpful neighbor. He is the only doctor I have every known who gave his time for free to people who have no money or insurance. His MASH clinic is amazing and very rare
Sandra White, The Leader, comment: 12-23-10

“. . . he donates his medical expertise to the poor at JC MASH free clinic”
Dr. Rotchford treats people the world rejects, the addicted. He is non judgmental and professional. He donates his medical expertise to the poor at JC MASH free clinic
Marilyn Muller, patient, Peninsula Daily News, comment: 12-22-10