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Telemedicine Services Specialist

J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D., M.P.H.

A specialist in addiction medicine, pain management, and medical acupuncture located in Port Townsend, WA

When you live with chronic pain or a substance abuse disorder, making your way to a doctor’s office can feel like an impossible challenge. J. Kimber Rotchford, MD, offers telemedicine services from his practice in Port Townsend, Washington, to ensure that you get the medical attention and care you need. Call Dr. Rotchford or request a consultation online today to register for convenient telemedicine services.

Telemedicine Services Q & A

What are telemedicine services?

Telemedicine allows Dr. Rotchford to provide medical care through a secure video link. Instead of coming into his office in Port Townsend, your appointment is virtual. You only need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with video capabilities to access this convenient service. It makes health care more accessible and cost-efficient.

What are the benefits of telemedicine?

Convenience is the key benefit of telemedicine. You can consult with Dr. Rotchford from almost anywhere as long as you have privacy, an internet connection, and a device with video capability. Dr. Rotchford can also provide telemedicine appointments outside of regular office hours. 

Whether you have a chronic pain condition and struggle to leave your home or have a busy work schedule and don’t have time during the day to drive to Dr. Rotchford’s office, telemedicine enables you to get the medical care you need when you need it.

Telemedicine can also save you money. You save on gas and won’t need to organize additional child or elder care.

Most importantly, by removing many of the obstacles to attending your medical appointments, telemedicine makes it easier for you to commit to your health and wellness.

What services are included in telemedicine?

Dr. Rotchford can provide most services during a telemedicine appointment. The video conference allows him to observe you and assess your well-being during your consultation. He can track your biometrics through a FitBit® or similar devices.

Dr. Rotchford can prescribe medication and send your prescription directly to your pharmacy. Mail-order pharmacy services are also available.

Additionally, if you’re working through a substance use disorder treatment plan, you can have your routine checkups via teleconference. Often, at the beginning of treatment, you might have two or more appointments a week, which can be time-consuming. Telemedicine allows you to receive the attention and care you need as conveniently as possible.

Am I eligible for telemedicine services?

In most cases, you need to meet with Dr. Rotchford or his medical assistant for your first consultation. However, most patients are eligible for telemedicine services.

If you want to learn more about telemedicine and have your appointments from the comfort and convenience of your home, call Dr. Rotchford or request an appointment online today.