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Suboxone Specialist

J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D., M.P.H.

Addiction Medicine Physician located in Port Townsend, WA

Over 2.1 million Americans are addicted to opioids and deal with a variety of health and social problems as a result. At his private practice in Port Townsend, Washington, J. Kimber Rotchford, MD, a board-certified addiction medicine physician prescribes Suboxone® as part of customized addiction treatment plans to help you recover from an opioid use disorder. If you’re living with addiction, call Dr. Rotchford or request a consultation online today to find out how Suboxone can help you on your road to recovery.

Suboxone Q & A

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a brand-name medication developed by the British drug firm Invidior™ combining buprenorphine and naloxone. These powerful medicines can help with opioid addiction. Suboxone is also sometimes prescribed as a safe and nonaddictive medication for chronic noncancerous pain.

Suboxone is only available with a prescription. It provides pain relief and reduces withdrawal symptoms. You also develop enhanced calmness and well-being with fewer perceived worries and lower stress levels.

How does Suboxone work?

You have opioid receptors in your brain. When you have an opioid use disorder, those receptors are stimulated by your drug use. When the effects of the drugs wear off, your opioid receptors want additional stimulation and trigger cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone works by filling your opioid receptors without providing the “high” you get from illicit or prescription drugs. As a result, you avoid withdrawal symptoms and feel relaxed, so you can focus your attention and energy on other aspects of your addiction treatment plan.

What should I expect during Suboxone treatment?

You should expect to spend around two hours with Dr. Rotchford for your first Suboxone treatment. He provides the first dose and observes you as the medication takes effect. You continue to return to Dr. Rotchford’s office for Suboxone treatments until you’re both confident that you can take the medication correctly at home.

You need to be in the early stages of withdrawal when you begin Suboxone treatment. If opioids are still filling the receptors in your brain, Suboxone pushes them out of your receptors. 

However, Dr. Rotchford prescribes enough Suboxone to fill your opioid receptors, so there won’t be enough Suboxone to push any remaining chemicals out of your opioid receptors and fill them. If this happens, it triggers immediate and intense withdrawal symptoms, which can interfere with the success of your treatment.

Will I need to take Suboxone forever?

You won’t need to take Suboxone for the rest of your life. As you recover from your opioid use disorder, Dr. Rotchford works with you to taper off your need for Suboxone, so you eventually don’t need the medication at all.

Call Dr. Rotchford today or request an appointment online to learn more about Suboxone and how it can help you recover from addiction.