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Writings in Progress, not yet published, & some rough drafts

1.   The Allure of Normalcy   A comment or two on the downsides of our cultural fixation on "normalcy"

2.   Number Nine  -  A discussion of the tragedies associates with untreated or under-treated opioid use disorders.

4.  A Time for a New Definition of Health? This reviews the importance of homeostasis in determining sustainable life and perhaps allows for a "new" definition of health.

5.   Rant on the Golden Lady  -  Expression of feelings regarding how I see some patients treated.

6. The Dozen Red Roses   A commentary on the Physician-Patient relationship

7.   Clinical Challenges in the practice of Pain Medicine and Addiction   - Submitted for publication in 2008?

8.   Is the Prescription for Disaster a Disaster?   A short rebuff to an article in the New Yorker about the Prescription Opiate abuse epidemic.   

9.  Loving one's patient   A brief discussion of the emotion we call love and its potential in healing.

10.   Grief and Grieving   A brief review of cultural elements important to appreciate.

11.   Self Medicating  -  A perspective on the use of medications in pain management and addiction medicine. 2016

12.   Anxiety - A discussion  -  A very brief review of the role of diagnoses, scientific methodology,  and cultural factors that influence our therapeutic options. 2016

13.  Life is Reality - A Christian Apologetic    2017

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