Dr. Rotchford

Dr. Rotchford's approaches are "cutting edge" 
for addressing problematic opioid use in high-risk patients.
Alex Cahana, M.D., Chief, Div. of Pain Medicine, 
University of Washington Medical Cente
Dr. Rotchford earns his success in treating opioid-addicted patients by applying his clinical skills to make the brain function better. Dr. Rotchford inspires hope for the addicted and those suffering pain. "If the brain functions better, you will see progress in treating this disease."

Dr. Kimber Rotchford

J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. is a specialist in pain management and addiction. His Handbook on Pain empowers patients and advocates to receive proper care for pain and addiction. The handbook is a collection of Dr. Rotchford’s more than one hundred Handouts. Each handout covers one topic about the most pressing issues in Pain and Addiction of interest to patients, families, and communities.

Dr. Rotchford refers patients to the handouts on topics covered in his Handbook on Pain. He outlines some of the considerations and discussions that he commonly shares during his initial consultation with a new patient.

The road to success in treating pain and addiction is simple: "help the brain function better." Simple? Yes. But . . . complex! 
J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. is an eminent physician, whose expertise in the specialties of addiction and pain management is sought after by patients, primary care providers, and courtroom litigants. 
Meet The Opioid Doc: J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. M.P.H.

James K. Rotchford, M.D. is one of the world's top specialists in treating opioid addiction. His reputation, his compassion and his expertise are legend among his grateful patients, whose broken lives have been redeemed and restored under the care of Doctor Rotchford.

One of the few specialists in the field of pain management and addiction still serving patients in the private practice, Doctor Rotchford can be found in his clinic on a daily basis serving an unending line of afflicted, opioid addicts who make their pilgrimage through his waiting room. For the suffering soul there is no greater glimmer of hope than an appointment with "Doc," as he is affectionately known by some patients.

The greatest tribute to Doctor Rotchford's curative care and compassion is the compilation of testimonial letters from his patients, fellow doctors and community leaders.

Doctor Rotchford is one of few physicians in the United States with extensive experience and clinical expertise in treating patients with co-morbid, chemical dependencies and chronic, complex pain problems. He is board certified in Addiction Medicine and immediate Past President of the Washington Society of Addiction Medicine, Dr. Rotchford has experience in Public Health and is a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine. As a practitioner of medical acupuncture and fellow of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Doctor Rotchford is the curator of Acubriefs, a massive library of digital publications on medical acupuncture.

In his efforts to address the burgeoning populations of addicts, families of addicts, communities battling the epidemic of opioid addiction, and the dedicated medical responders working tirelessly to contain the damage of the ravenous disease, Doctor Rotchford lead the development of Opioid Doc.

Opioid Doc is a digital app. It is a medical kit with life or death medical tools for addicts, friends, families, community leaders and medical practitioners.

Open the Opioid Doc app in case of emergencies demanding immediate response for over doses, threats of suicide or other emergency treatment for a struggling addict. The OD app opens doors to Recovery Centers, Rehab Programs, Clinics, Physicians and Practitioners specializing in opioid treatment and recovery. Included in the app’s medicine kit is an instructional guide to current opioid addiction literature, statistics and links to national, regional, and local assistance resources.

Opioid Documentation included in the app is compiled from medical literature and resources on the Internet and on the shelves of top medical schools in the United States. Docs are supplemented with clinical treatments at Doctor Rotchford’s OPAS Clinic for Pain and Addiction, a regional clinic founded by Dr. James K. Rotchford.

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