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Youtube Videos for Opioid Use Abusers

PRESS RELEASE: 8/23/16 – TITLE: Dr. Rotchford Videos on Opioid Addiction
Contact: Dr. Rotchford, OPAS Clinic

Dr. Rotchford Produces YouTube Videos on Opioid Addiction

J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. is the star of a video series on Opioid Abuse Disorder. The 10-part video series produced by Dr. Rotchford is a aimed directly to the suffering addict. Each short video covers topics helpful to dealing with opioid addiction.

Dr. Rotchford is one of the leading authorities in the United States today on addiction and pain management. Medical director at the Olympas Pain and Addiction Services (OPAS) clinic in Port Townsend, Washington, Dr. Rotchford treats patients suffering from opioid abuse disorder, pain medications, and other addictions.

The 10 videos in the series are on YouTube. The series is titled "Clinical Topics on Opioid Addiction." Some of the Individual video topics include: Basic Tools, Dilemmas, Cutting, Shame and Blame, Medications, Recovery Help, You Get What You Need.

Each one of the videos is from 5 to 12-minutes in length. Each video features Dr. Rotchford sitting at his desk, facing the camera and talking in a caring and compassionate voice to suffering addicts and their family and friends.

Link to the 10-part video series is


J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. is director of Olympas Pain and Addiction Services (OPAS) in Port Townsend, Washington. Website: 

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