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Dr. Rrotchford Comments on Opioid Crisis


Press Release
Opioids in Chronic Pain Management – Guide for Patients

Dec 14, 2017 For Immediate Release
Contact: Dan Youra, agent

TITLE: Book: Opioids in Chronic Pain Management – A Guide For Patients

Opioids In Chronic Pain Management – A Guide for Patients is a book written by a physician specifically for patients who are confronting issues of pain and opioids in their lives. Dr. Kimber Rotchford is an expert in Pain Management and Addiction. With a successful career in treating patients suffering the debilitating effects of chronic pain, Dr. Rotchford presents a concise and informative roadmap to what a patient can expect to encounter in treating pain with opioid medications.

Opioids In Chronic Pain Management – A Guide for Patients is valuable for family members attempting to understand and support the decisions of loved ones confronting health choices dealing with pain and opioids. The book lays out a 3-Step Plan to help guide patients in evaluating the effectiveness of their efforts to apply opioids to their chronic pain: What is the Plan? Is the plan working? What to do if the plan is not working? Dr. Rotchford offers a 10-step To Do List for patients to follow in working with their primary care providers to arrive at appropriate treatment plans, when opioids are prescribed for chronic pain.

The book can be helpful to family members, counselors, health care workers, and educators, who are advising loved ones, patients, and students, who live with chronic pain and are looking at opioid medications for potential relief of their suffering.

For counselors and healthcare workers the book provides an Appendix of resources including evaluation forms to help in the assessment of pain and progress of treatment.

The book is self published by Dr. Rotchford's clinic Olympas Medical Services. The book is for sale on

Dr. Rotchford's website is or DrRotchford.con


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