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Second Opinion 100 and traditional Medical Consultations.

We invite an email to with a request for a Second Opinion 100 by Dr. Rotchford. Our scheduler will be in touch to assure a convenient time, possibly evenings and weekends, for an appointment by phone or telemedicine. A fixed fee of $100 applies.

One does not need to be an established patient to benefit from Second Opinion 100. Prescriptions will not be written, however, unless a patient has been seen in the office, or we have been given the opportunity to review the medical history and complete a more thorough baseline.

Examples of conditions likely to benefit from second opinions (particularly if current care or recommendations have significant side effects or limited benefit) include: chronic pain management, substance use disorders, brain health, cancers, bone thinning, surgery for painful conditions, PTSD, auto-immune related conditions, regional referrals, etc.. Dr. Rotchford is also an acknowledged expert in the role of acupuncture & Chinese herbs. One might also visit the Handouts Tab for further ideas about how Dr. Rotchford might be of service.

Conventional face to face consultations are also available at the office. Consider getting a referral only that it is often most helpful for all members of the medical team to have access to opinions and plans.

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