J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. 






Dr. Rotchford's approaches are "cutting edge" 
for addressing problematic opioid use in high-risk patients.
Alex Cahana, MD, Professor & Chief, Div. of Pain Medicine, 
University of Washington Medical Center

Expert on Opioid Use, Abuse, and Solutions

J. Kimber Rotchford, M.D. is a practicing physician, an expert on Substance Use Disorders, who treats patients suffering from opioid use disorders as well as complex chronic pain at his clinic in Washington State.

His focus is on solutions – evidence-based approaches, comprehensive clinical interventions, and, most importantly, a robust Public Health involvement. He searches out deficiencies in our current system but he takes a "no blame" approach.  

Dr. Rotchford is a leader in educating audiences on the most effective ways to combat, what he calls, the "Opidemic," the opioid epidemic ravaging not just American communities, but communities around the world.  

He presents his expertise to physicians, health care workers, first responders, teachers, union members, and school administrators. Other beneficiaries of Dr. Rotchford's experience and knowledge are law enforcement officers, court personnel, and prison administrators. He advises those who confront the effects of opioid abuse in cities counties, states, who are charged with protecting the public health of their communities. Anyone who confronts the effects of the opioid epidemic will be grateful to be exposed to this physician's enlightening perspectives on solutions, which can be implemented with a practical plan of attack.
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