Dr. Rotchford is a clinical director and a practicing physician. His primary commitment is to the care of his patients, who generally are suffering from the medical and personal effects of Substance Use Disorders (SUD).

Dr. Rotchford does not spend his year traveling the "speaker circuit." Rather, he allocates a limited amount of his professional time to speaking engagements with public and private groups.

Minimum Honorarium

The minimum honorarium requested by Dr. Rotchford is $5,000 for a one-day event, including up to eight hours dedicated to speaking, panel discussions, questions and answers, private sessions with group organizers, press briefings, sharing event meals, and interaction with attendees at the event. A second-day at the same event  is charged an honorarium of $3000.

Dr. Rotchford requests that the event organizers reimburse his travel expenses to include roundtrip airfare, local transportation, meals, and lodging, if necessary.